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Strategic Thinking and Planning for Contemporary Managers - New York: North America


Price: $1,995 (First Delegate Rate) $1,795 (Additional Delegate Rate)

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Do you work in a role where you are part of developing strategic plans or have to execute them?

If so, this workshop offers a great opportunity to develop your strategic thinking and planning options, working with a group of peers, undertaking case study analysis and other practical exercises to generate powerful learning in a lively atmosphere.

Workshop Objectives

  • Construct a vision, mission, objectives, strategies and related tactics
  • Articulate the context of strategy in modern management thinking
  • Use appropriate strategic concepts and language
  • Describe the process of strategy formulation and strategic planning
  • Relate the strategic and operational management teams
  • List the key strategic management and operational roles 

The workshop will benefit people who are new to strategic thinking and planning, or who have learned ‘on the job’ and would like to check their way of working against recognised good practices.


James Graham

James Graham is an experienced consultant, who has been involved in developing, implementing and teaching strategy.

He has real working experience of the subject, as well as the relevant theoretical knowledge of leading concepts, models, tools and techniques.

He has worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North and South America

James worked in the textile industry, being responsible for three market areas (in Italy, Portugal and France) and then developed his career into sales and marketing management, sitting on the marketing committee of a public company in the UK.

Entering the world of consulting in his mid-thirties, he gained invaluable experience in developing and implementing strategies for organizational change, typically to realize benefits from large IT programmes, e.g. SAP implementations.

James is educated to masters degree level (MS Consulting.)

He has worked on assignment for clients in New York City (publishing sector) and Toronto (airline sector), as well as delivering classes on managing change in Massachusetts and Florida (healthcare sector.)

James has been the course director for Frost and Sullivan’s highly successful ‘How to Influence and Consult Strategically’ class, which has been run on more than twenty occasions in London, Brussels and Frankfurt since January 2008.

He is a British citizen and lives internationally, in Malta, a small island located about 110 miles to the south of Italy.

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